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Mquadro’s CUBOX range aims to make the energy sources we daily need easy to use and move as well as less bulky. In the small and weatherproof stainless steel blocks, there is all you need to fully meet your energy needs.


They can be installed easily in a short time, so that everyone can use them. You don’t need a specific spot where to place it, nor to spend a lot of money to set it up; you don’t even have to manage any technician, nor to ask for a permit to do some works or set a building site.

Thanks to CUBOX, an independent energy system, you can easily cut your costs and have renewable sources at your disposal.


has been primarily created to be used in fields. Even though it is pretty small, it is an actual heating plant and an autoclave able to supply housing containers and a big amount of showers and toilets.


It combines sun and biomass heat. It includes a multi-fuel stove (pellet, wood, peanut oil, …), a solar vacuum-tube manifold and all we need to let these green energy sources collaborate to get great comfort.


It is a comprehensive photovoltaic plant enclosed into a 2X2m cube. It doesn’t need any shelter, nor frame to install; just open its own covering and start enjoying the electricity produced by the sun. The system includes all the equipment and the storage batteries.


CUBOX #RED has been primarily created to be used in fields; that’s why it is weatherproof, easy to move and shock-resistant. It can be installed in 30-40 minutes with no further equipment as you just have to connect it to your utilities by polyethylene pipes. It is oil-fired and it only needs to be restocked by using a roll-off water tank (or similar methods) and to be supplied electrically by an external source (or by an on-board generator, available upon request).

CUBOX #RED is easy to move and install, it is highly efficient and it is not bulky, nor noisy. These reasons make it suitable to quickly and simply meet your needs when you find yourselves in an emergency.


The excellent quality of the materials and the type of construction let the maintenance be easy and moderate.
The equipment is extremely simple and it can be used by not particularly specialized staff, but simply trained operators. We bettered the preservation of our stored pipes, centrifugal pumps and boilers thanks to some expedients, like the new possibility to empty them out completely.



Some CUBOX #RED samples – called A-03-VVF and specifically thought for the project “Colonna Mobile Regionale Toscana dei Vigili del Fuoco” – were tested in 2009 when the earthquake in L’Aquila occurred, and in 2016 within another earthquake in the centre of Italy. They successfully met all the rescue squad’s needs, who spent a long time there and had to supply many showers and toilets. This specific test bench proves the product versatility.

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