Mquadro impianti civili ed industriali
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We strongly believe in renewable sources and their employment to produce energy; throughout the years, this led Mquadro to get specialized in designing, creating and installing specific plants, which are able to meet our energy needs at both civil and industrial level.

In order to combine saving, sustainability and comfort in the best way ever, we provide photovoltaic and solar thermal panels as well as pellet, wood and multi-fuel heating systems.


We have recently accomplished one of our most ambitious projects: the conversion of an electric generator from hydrocarbon to vegetable oil. In addition to generating energy from green fuel, we have recovered the heat from the combustion co-generated by cooling fluids and even from the exhaust gases of the Deutz marine engine.

This is just an example of our daily commitment: we don’t simply focus on plants installation, but we are also engaged in upgrading our plants and machineries, from the simplest to the most complex.


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